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I'm new to the forum and am looking forward to connecting with fellow real estate investors.

I'd like to invite you to the Sydney CASHFLOW Club that I am a part of where we spend 3 hours a month playing Robert Kiyosaki's "CASHFLOW 101" Board Game.

It's a fun game where we can learn and share ideas with each other. One of our members commented: "Cashflow 101 is a great way to learn about investment. Cashflow will totally change the way you look at investment regardless if you are a beginner or a season investor."

Our next meeting will be:

When: Sunday, 13th September 2009
Where: Circular Quay

To Register/For more info: Email me at,

or join the group -,

or Facebook Group:

All the best,

I went along to this meeting. It was great. I love the game. It certainly makes you more aware of positive cash flow and how it can work for you.

The game is fun and thought provoking.
Michelle is lovely.
We had a few games going. Because most of my group were first timers we were very focused on learning the game so not much time to chat and network.

I know Michelle was making sure groups were mixed for the next one (ie some beginners and those who had played before).
I could not attend last weeks one as I was away but intend on going to next months meeting.

Come along.

Not sure exactly where to buy from, but the richdad url would also work.

The one thing I miss from the egame is the effort of actually writing things down and crossing them out. Not to mention doing the sums. This is good when learning but I think I'd gain more from it by actually doing the sums as well as playing with real players who have their own strategies and get more competitive and tend to block your progress if you're getting ahead - which better hones your skills and feels more realistic.

Also, in the game you can sell your opportunities, this rarely happens in the egame but I imagine great opportunities fetch high prices in the board game version.
hi all
I have been reading about the game and know nothing about it maybe because I don't have the time but thats me.
I would be interested in having a look at the game and finding out what its all about
I would not be interested in the internet or xbox version as I like to have inter action not with a screen
just a question whats the perameters for the game
is it any form of investing
and can you add types of investing that are not already on the table or in the game.

when is the next one on
send a email or pm me
November 8. Sydney

Email from Michelle (organiser). I'm planning on going (unless something untoward happens).

Announcing a new Meetup for Sydney CASHFLOW Club!

What: Sydney CASHFLOW Club November 2009

Playing Cashflow 101, discussing business and investing opportunities, sharing experiences.

Cost: No cost involved - except for any coffee/food purchases you want to make at the cafe

When: November 8, 2009 2:00 PM

City Extra Restaurant
Shop E4, East Podium
Circular Quay
02 9241 1422

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Learn more here:
Mine came in the mail yesterday so I'm keen to give it a crack. I'm also thinking about having the monopoly championship of the world too.

But honestly I'm more keen to get the kids version of cashflow asap. There was one on ebay but it went away pretty quick.

Which reminds me, if you go to theres some games you can play online with the kids from all ages. Its pretty good when you can watch the pennies drop in your kids minds once you teach them to get a gumball machine