Sydney good suburb investment guide

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Sydney Morning Herald Good Suburbs Guide
Authors: Nicholls Stephen et al


A Guide for Buyers, Sellers, Renters or Just the Curious

What makes a suburb great? Sure, Sydney: has the most amazing harbour in the world: and some remarkable beaches. It's the: suburbs close to these natural attractions: that command the highest prices - Australian: Property Monitors data shows that Point Piper: ($5.3 million), Darling Point ($3.9 million) and: Tamarama ($3.4 million) have the highest median house prices in Sydney. We have some man-made eye candy, too, in the Bridge and Opera House. But most Sydneysiders don't live anywhere near these icons and consider themselves lucky if they catch a glimpse of them on the way to work or at weekends.

When it comes down to it, most home-buyers and renters base their decisions on much more than beauty. Convenience to work or family will be a priority for many. A suburb has to be accessible - in terms of both transport and price. But if greatness were all about practicality, the 'best' suburbs would be packed full of amenities, such as supermarkets, shops and restaurants, as well as a sense of community - but some of our favourite suburbs don't feature any of these.

While we identify suburbs that, in our opinion, constitute greatness, the fact remains that higher costs - whether they are increased rents, sale prices or mortgages - have made finding the right home more difficult. Whether you're looking for a house or an apartment, The Good Suburbs Guide uses Australian Property Monitors data to help you decide on a suburb that you can not only afford, but that also suits your lifestyle. And as investors again turn their focus to property, the guide offers valuable insights into a suburb's location, rent and prices.
hi lets rent
thats a huge amount of information on this website and it was a great link it gave m ethe same amount of information to write on a postage stamp.
as a rule I don't burn posters
but to give this as a cross section of the market when there are only 11choices and one of those is a island in the middle of sydney harbour its not good list.
for me its not a good investment guide its a rental site and for me not a good one at this stage.
the furthest west was dulwich hill
and as a person about 5 streets from the suburb it would be high on my top of the investment suburb list.
you should have posted the top 11 suburbs(as you couldn't have 12 as you don't have 12 on the site).
this is a investor board so you do have to do a bit better then that or I take t that your not an investors just someone that want to add a link. which to me is fine but make sure you name it right
I'm going to side with Grossreal here - what kind of information does your post provide to this site?

IMO - this is spam, just slightly a bit more targeted than your average "enlarge your p3n1s with viagra" emails.
Sorry, i should have just posted the link

I should have just posted the link.

I thought this book might be a useful resource for property investors in sydney. I am not advertising the book, just thought it might help. thank you dwv for posting the link and sorry to upset anyone
I should have just posted the link.

I thought this book might be a useful resource for property investors in sydney. I am not advertising the book, just thought it might help. thank you dwv for posting the link and sorry to upset anyone

I suspect they clicked the link in your signature and thought you were promoting your site.
FWIW, my picks for Melbourne.

I used a simpler, better and tougher practicality test than the SMH authors - the suburb must have 1. a supermarket, 2. a railway station, 3. not be super-dear. Hence Toorak, Brighton, Camberwell etc don't score.


1. Mentone
2. Mordialloc
3. Altona
4. Chelsea
5. Seaford
6. Frankston (preferably south)
7. Elwood/St Kilda (small units only affordable)

(if you're willing to compromise on distance from bay, add Hampton East, Highett, Cheltenham)


1. Eltham
2. Montmorency (lack of large supermarket)
3. Croydon
4. Belgrave


1. Brunswick
2. Northcote/Fitzroy/Carlton
3. St Kilda/Prahran/Richmond

(all are dearish - Brunswick West is cheaper)


(not in any order)

1. Bentleigh
2. Moonee Ponds
3. Carnegie
4. Heidelberg
5. Croydon
6. Werribee
7. Mentone
8. Chelsea
9. Boronia
10. Belgrave
11. Oakleigh
12. Sunshine
13. Northcote
14. Ashburton
15. Reservoir (though bad traffic)


1. Mentone/Cheltenham (due to choice of schools and beach)
2. Moonee Ponds/Essendon (choice of schools)
3. Greensborough/Eltham


1. Braybrook
2. Sunshine/Sunshine West/Ardeer/St Albans
3. Broadmeadows
4. Laverton
5. Noble Park
6. West Heidelberg (no train)


1. Sunshine (flats start bit over $120k)