Sydney to get $5 Billion in infrastructure under Coalition

O'Farrell pledges $5 billion

SMH said:
A NSW Coalition government will set up $5 billion infrastructure fund to pay for big transport projects and extend stamp duty exemptions for older people, opposition leader Barry O'Farrell says.

In his budget reply speech today, Mr O'Farrell pledged the fund, to be called Restart NSW, would be used to build major projects across the state.

Be still my beating heart. Surely it couldn't possibly happen...

what about the infrastructure for the rest of the state????

there are plenty of projects that are needed outside of Sydney...

so where is it coming from?

"The fund would be created from an estimated $1.2 billion to be reaped from a 25-year lease on the state's desalination plant, windfall revenues, as well as borrowing and government bond issuance, he added"