Sydneysider offering free labour...

Hi All

Are there any Sydney renovators who would be interested in taking on an apprentice - of sorts?

It has long been my dream to be a full-time renovator, but alas I am just enering the property market and need to build up some equity/net worth before I have some cash to play with. In the meantime, I intend to learn as much as I can about creating wealth through IP's and also about renovating.

If there are any Sydney renovators who would like some free labour, I am offering my services. My strengths would be in the creative department, especially interior decorating. I would love to learn more about how to do the "nitty- gritty" jobs though. I am not afraid of hard work or long hours - and I'm a bloody good cook who packs a mean picnic lunch! (hint, hint) :D

The Goblin
Hi Goblin

Just wandering what area of Aus you prefer? Also male or female although I assume female, and whether available during week or weekends only?

If my area suits ( western Sydney Fairfield - Campbeltown) then I don't mind some help and give insights into the type of reno'ing that we do.

Planning to start some serious work from July onwards

Hi HandyAndy,

I nearly PM'd you 'cause of your name, and here you are! I am in the Glebe/Ultimo area but anywhere I can get to in Sydney is fine. Fairfield suits. I am female, and a lot stronger than I look. (I used to leg press 120kg not so long ago!) I am available in the latter half of the week and all weekends, although I am currently looking for work, so that may change. I am always punctual and extremely relible. (I've had 4 sick days in 13 years) I come complete with steel capped Blundstones! :D I don't mind eating cold baked beans from the can and sleeping on the floor etc

I am on uni hols for most of July so that would be perfect!