Tap washers and fuses

From: Cathy Baxter


For those who manage their own properties how do you handle the repair / replacement of small items such as tap washers or electrical fuses.

We have 2 properties within 1km of our place and have been called upon to replace these items at very inconvenient times like 9.30pm on a Saturday after a nice bottle of red.
How do others handle these minor repairs (to landlords) that are major inconvenience to tenants? Should / are tenants responsible for these repairs?

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From: Simon and Julie M

Hi Cathy
When that sort of thing happens to me, I just think of the cap/growth and cashflow $'s then go out and fix it.
In the ACT the tenant is responsible for that sort of minor repair however I find it is a good opportunity for me to do a spot check up on my investment.
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From: Sergey Golovin

Hi Cathy,

I am not exactly sure but you probably have to call professional electricians/plumber/builder to do some of those repairs (depends how bad it is).

I know it is very unpractical and because of that, I usually do everything my self as tenant and send shopping receipts to the landlord later on.

Again, some of those repairs you are not even allowed to touch unless you are qualified and registered...Something to do with insurance?

As owner (?) I do not have simple answer, sorry.
Maybe ask reals estate office to manage it for you or keep property manager on premises (?) I do not know.

Just think about it – what if you are not available that knight and tenant were forced to do it them selves and something happened (electrocuted), what do you do then?

And maybe this one of the reasons why service companies or service business are so big and lucrative these days.

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From: Greg Mitchell


With fuses I usually invest in mini circuit breakers and a safety switch this eliminates the blown fuse problems and minimise s my liability for faulty wiring, cost around $150 - $200 (I do it myself as I am qualified to)

Plumbing etc. I usually get a plumber in to fix it but not on a weekly basis, when ever other work needs doing I tell the tenant to get any washers needing fixed, however I once has the sewer blocked on a Sunday afternoon and was presented with a bill of over $400.00, as it turned out it was blocked with sanitary products, this bill was then paid for by the tenant, need less to say I have not had this problem again.

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From: John Sheather

Re- Safety switches, I install one asap after purchase. $200, a small price to save someones life. Possibly a child.
I know I would be devastated. Even more so being an electrician. "Knowing what I know"
Put it on the list TODAY.

Better late than never.
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