Tax relief on land purchased

Hi, can someone help me with this question,
If I buy a plot of land to build an investment property on , in the time that it takes to build the property will I get any tax relief on the mortgage payments that I make on the land then on the various build stages.
Have been looking into this option for my first PI.
We realise that the disadvantage of this way is obviously you cant create any income in the build time, but we think we could get a house that would be positively geared when finished, whereas we cant seem to find a positively geared one where we want to buy.
Thanks for any advice.
If your intention was to build an IP on the land, then yes, interest on mortgage repayments on the land & progress payments to the builder + council rates etc is tax deductible.
Prop, I thought it was based on intent, but didn't want to post without concrete knowledge. Thanks. (And apparently I have to spread it round a bit ;))