Tax Return Workbook


I have been looking online for a spreadsheet/workbook to calculate my likely return for this year, as my company's draconian IT policy prevents me from installing an earlier version of etax was looking for something in spreadsheet format.

Any ideas?
Ill maintain 3 sets of Excel files.
2. Business
3. IPs

It take a while to add the accurate data behind those summary sheets but it is a 15 min job to fill the E-tax once the correct information is collected.

Develop a 'system' to fit your own needs. For example, each RE would send you the annual statement in slightly different formats. If you do set them up once then it would be lot easier to do the 2nd time.
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I don't think it's quite that simple

What more to it is there?

You just have to work out your taxable income and then use an online calc (such as taxcalc) to determine the amount of tax payable.

You will, of course, need tax advice on what you can claim, but it is just a matter of adding up expenses and deducting this from income.