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Jimmy Prince has just put out his 'Taxation Pocket Guide for Australian Property Investors'. I have his one for the share market and found it to be good value. I have just picked up my copy of this new book today and will let you know what I think when I get a chance to read it. ($19.95 published by McGraw Hill, Dymocks and McGills have it in stock)
Having spent some time reading the book, I would suggest that this would make a great addition to your library. Although the primary focus is how taxation impacts on property investing it also goes into the the basics of property. It gets you up to speed fairly quickly in relation to the various taxes and their impacts and gives ATO references for the appropriate areas. It would enable you to talk to your accountant in a much more knowlwedgeable way and may assist many people from falling into traps. I would not say it is a replacement for 'Dale's Tax Battles' but as an adjunct or a starting point and reference, it is excellent value for money.
Hi Deb,

Your link doesn't work because the full-stop at the end, ie htm. is currupting the URL. If you remove the full-stop the link will work.

From the PDF doc:

TUTOR PROFILE Jim Prince is a certified Practicing Accountant and a registered Tax Agent. He currently works as a tax consultant for the Australian Society of CPAs and is the author of several investment books including 'Taxation Pocket Guide' and 'Making Money the Smart Way' (McGraw-Hill Australia). He is also the author of a number of taxation articles for business publications.
Jim also tutors in tax law at La Trobe University and conducts investment training courses at CAE.

Regards, Mike
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