Tell me about Perth.

So, DH has an oppertunity to work in Perth. Neither of us have even visited there before, so know nothing about the place. What can you tell me about it? What is the property market like, both for purchases and rentals?
Is he going to be working in the city itself or in a suburb? How long for?

If you don't mind sharing with the forum what kinda budget you would set aside for buying/renting then perhaps we can suggest some areas.

Not sure if you'll have your own car over here, but having lived in a few cities I can tell you train system is better here than others. Bus system is probably worse though.

Also depends on what kinda lifestyle you prefer. Many different areas in Perth... cafe-strip areas, beachside living, house on 1500m for kids to run around in?

What I'm saying is, more information required for forumites to help :)