Tenant Application Pro-forma

From: Ric1 .

Hi Folks,

Does anyone have a ready-made application form that you get prospective tenants to fill out, as a means of assessing their suitability as a tenant?

I would be grateful to have a copy for a friend who has just re-furbished his first IP, and is ready to fill it.


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From: Owen .

I've just bought "The Australian Landlords Handbook" by Suzi Bilosh ($21.95 Angus & Robertson) and I'm halfway through it. It is full of really good common sense advice, a few tricks of the trade and some sample forms in the back. Apparently you can also order a CD with forms in it if you have trouble typing.

Seems pretty good stuff and I'm just going to modify it with a few of my own ideas.
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From: Chris Legg

I think from memory John Fitzgeralds book
has sample forms he uses.
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From: Ric1 .

Thanks Owen and Chris - and also those generous souls who emailed me privately with their electronic versions. It is very kind of you, and I am most grateful.

A prime example of a great, co-operative forum!

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