Tenant can't find another home to move to after given notice to vacate

I hope poor Rover is fine and you can find accommodation that caters for people with pets. However the day may come when the sixty days is up, or even a month after this when the sheriff comes knocking on the door. I would not just put poor Rover down at the drop of a hat. I would try my best to find accommodation that is pet friendly or give him away to another family, however if that isn?t possible having the dog put down would prevent the kids being relocated from their school and breaking established network of friends which is more troublesome then the alternative. Let us know how to you, I hope it all turns out fine.
Have you put an ad on Gumtree asking for a rental?

I know sometimes I don't advertise a rental coming up, straight away.
Yes, so there isn't any misunderstanding, I'm suggesting they have the family pet dog put down at the local vet. If this is the only thing stopping them from find suitable accommodation without having to sacrifice the kids being relocated to another school and everything else associated with this. If the kids are young then you can tell them Rover has gone to a farm to help out or some other story.

Wow. Just wow.

I feel less hopeful for humanity as a whole after reading that.
.....so after all of the emotional hand wringing.....where is the situation at ??

These folk who box themselves into tiny little corners to the point they have lost all flexibility, is it really any wonder they have dramas ??

  • Can't move the kids out of school
  • Can't stay here
  • Can't get rid of the dog
  • Can't afford to buy our own place

It is clear there is nothing they can do except cross their fingers, keep searching and hope

Yep, good plan.....

This reminds me of one of the stories in Jan Somers book, where a Tenant fell in love with her expensive fridges and furniture, and sacrificed literally everything to keep her luxury goods. No flexibility at all. Her top priority was her double door fridge, and everything was sacrificed at that altar, to her ultimate detriment.
Ideo....no practical solution and the situation at hand is still hopelessly bogged down....

I wonder if the Bank funding the property will be willing to take their eye off the ball as readily as some seem to do.
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Tell them to apply for anything and everything that is suitable that doesn't specifically state 'no pets' in the advertising. If they are good tenants and the dog hasn't been an issue with their current landlord then they should be fine within the 60 day notice period.

I work SE Suburbs way - let me know what area they are in and I'll see if I can help them out or if I know others who can :). I often rent to families with pets and have no problems at all.
why dont they do what every other tenant does, farm the dog out til they get the new property and then introduce the dog low key