Tenant screening website

I saw on Somersoft a few weeks ago, a post that included website link available to screen tenancy applicants (I think the post/thread was asking if PMs used the website to screen applicants).

If someone is aware of the website/thread I am trying to find, could you please put a link in reply here (I remember that you had to pay for the check which was why REA didn't use it as a first option?). I found a website at https://forms.tenancycheck.com.au/ but not sure if this is the website referred to in that post.

Is anyone aware if landlords can use the site? Has anyone used the site as a second check of applicants (if their PM doesn't use it)?

The two main ones are NTD and TICA.

I believe TICA is available for use by private landlords, however I'm not 100% sure if NTD is.
Thanks Lil

TICA appears to be available for both sides (screening and the tenants). The Silver membership appears to be the one for LLs at $198/search (and a $33/year membership??).

Just had a look at TICA, looks like $33 admin and the remainder is for 10 searches.

If you only have one property it'll last a long time!

I also double checked NTD, and it is only for licensed estate agents.

I have a few, but I hope the tenants don't move out too quickly (learnt a few lessons from pushing rents up too fast on this one), so I hope the fee does last a while!!