Tenants getting bond?

From: J Parker

Hi all- have done a search for the question I'm asking but have found nothing.
A while ago, I was sure someone mentioned that the tenants are actually able to ask for the bond back, independent of the managing agent/landlord. Can't remember who said it! (or maybe I'm mixing my facts up here!) Anyone care to enlighten me here, as I thought the bond was only recoverable by the agent/landlord?
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Robert Forward

A tenant can apply to the Rental Bond Authority for the rent to be returned. But from memory the RBA must notify the Landlord or Managing Agent that a request has been placed in.

The Landlord or Managing agent can then counter claim which then takes it into the Rental Tribunal (or similar entity in each state).


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From: Sim' Hampel

Under what circumstances would the tenant be requesting the bond back ? After they have moved out I can understand, but during the tenancy ? I can't imagine any good reason to allow the tenant to have their bond back - kind of defeats the purpose of it.

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