Tenants, scammers, are they good or what ?

This must be karma for suggesting in another thread that the owner just leave the ex tenant alone after the problems , but how good are they ?

I had one disappear 2 wks ago that's ripped out partitions, had bonfires in the gas barby and burnt it out, threw the stove into a paddock, left 3ft grass,trailer loads of rubbish , had the council out twice with complaints and guess what , scammed the bond with bouncing duds, used up their mths free rent then departed.

Then I get an email yesterday saying how he has ended up in a worse position than he was before and that I've phoned him 3 wks ago , spoke for 1/2 an hr and tried to sell him the place and at some ridiculous price and so thats why he had to leave and couldn't pay his rent and that his GF heard the whole conversation - I must have been sleep talking !

Apparently he was too upset by my phantom ph call to call me later and explain that he had to leave .
Apparently he meant to come back and clean up but when I arrived a wk and 1/2 later and cleaned up myself , I beat him to it.
Apparently his had to resort to a tent in the bush when in fact his now living around the corner , apparently I've ruined his life , somehow !

Amazing !

Sooo tempting Marty !

The property wasn't even for sale. I mean apart from the help I gave this guy with allowances I made , it's mind boggling.
And how has he managed to rent a new place a round the corner in a regional town after this .
The twists and turns in what he emailed was almost, well . Imagine trying to bluff a landlord into thinking his made some mysterious 1/2 an hr ph call to you for a start . What do you have to take to get up that sort of cheek ?
Rob Williams description in the other threads been ringing in my ears all day let me tell you.