Tennant put my oven on fire - unuseable

Hey everyone,

Not a great start to my property investing career, have had plenty of issues which are covered in another thread in here.

Anyway just received an email from my tenants stating that they had a fire go through the oven last night. They emailed me saying it was there fault and asking me if I have LL insurance

Unfortunately I am yet to have the insurance. Have been through so much trouble trying to get insurance. I'm self managing so cuts 50%+ insurers out straight away, my townhouse is in a group of more then 5 and I own less then 3 properties, so far ruling me out of the 12 Insurance companies I have had time to call thus far.

Now what should I do?

I think they should pay for a new oven and installation. My parents think I should offer to go halves?

I really couldn’t care less if the tenants left. They aren’t the greatest of tenants and have pet rats that they didn’t tell me about!

Sorry about the grammar and spelling, at work so trying to type as quick as possible.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Oh, the oven was a basic oven about 5 yrs old
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...the oven was a basic oven about 5 yrs old

Essentially all you are entitled to as a LL in this case from the tennant, is the written down cost (after 5 yrs of depreciation) of the oven they burned.

And for goodness sake get some LL insurance. This could have been much worse than a burnt 5 yr old oven.
I have been trying. I cant find anyone that will give me LL insurance for the reasons stated above.

I have been told by Terrie Shearer Insurance to contact the LL Insurance Ombudsman for some help to find an insurer that would insure me

Any suggestions?

Self Managed townhouse in group of 18. Mosman Park Perth. No previous claims for anything insurance related. The only property owned. 22yrs old
It's quite possible, assuming we are talking fire damage to a fixture (assuming it is fire), that it would be picked up under the strata cover given it is a fixture.
Just signed up with ING :)

That's a good point actually. Anyone else have any idea if it would be covered? I'll give the manager a call tomorrow
hmmmm the ugly side of resi IP rears its head again

I would probably tell them to install an equivalent oven in there and ge thtme to call you to inspect once the job is done. they may just pay for anew one to go in