Termination Notice by landlord for a fixed term lease - NSW


According to the fair trade website (NSW), the minimum period of the termination notice given by the landlord 30 days if the fixed term of the agreement is due to end.

My question is:
Does it mean the landlord needs to give the notice 30 days prior to the fixed term ending date?
Or, Can the landlord give the notice any day prior to the fixed term ending date and the tenants would have 30 days from when they receive the termination notice to vacate the property?

Thanks in advance,
The Landlord must give 30 days notice (plus postage/delivery timeframes) for the termination of the fixed term. That is, if the lease expires on 31 May, the Lessor can deliver the notice on or before 1 May so that they get vacant possession on the expiry date. If the notice is given on 31 May (the last day) the tenant must give back the property on 30 June.

If the owner/manager misses the last day eg delivered the notice on 1 June, then they must provide 90 days notice of termination.