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From: Mark Laszczuk

Saw this in The Age. Cardia Technologies has developed a natural-compound technology (papers words) to kill termites. CSIRO claims a 100% kill rate in the first hour. Is this possible? What are the chances of termites returning? Just asking cause I remember someone posting something about every house has termites, just depends on whether they are active or inactive.

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From: Paul Roberts

As an ex pesty, I didn't see the article so can't comment. Anything kills termites, baygon, Pea Beu, absolutely anything. The key is its residule effect, how long it will keep killing termites and protect the asset. Hence the popularity of organophosphates that combine with the soil and last about 5 yrs, sunlight and other adverse environment conditions varying this. To be comfortable with any new concept I would need to see quality data and research supporting it.
At the end of the day, visual inspection on an annual basis is the best preventative and treatment on a regular basis (5 yrly). Be mindful that any object placed against a house or change of soil/landscaping can provide an entry point to termites. Think of it as a siege and you will be ok.
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From: Bob Quiggin

Moreover, it's often the slow-kill poisons which are the ones you want, as termites are poisoned but while still alive carry the poison back to the central nest (whose location you often don't know). They then spread the poison because they touch each other to communicate.

Unfortunately, the most effective compounds, like Mirex, are so hideous (persistent organic pollutants) that they are banned in Australia.
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From: Sim' Hampel

Every house might have termites, but termites generally only eat wood.

So build your houses out of plastic or corrugated iron or glass or old beer cans and you'll be right ;-)

Hmm... here's a thought... if we could convince termites to eat asbestos, maybe there would be a market in breeding termites for safe and effective removal of asbestos sheeting ?

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