Testing Avatar


Just for your information :)

When you put an avatar up, it will attach to all your posts, past and future!

So, if you want to see if the avatar loaded properly, you can do so by clicking on any of your old posts!!!

Hope this helps...

asy :D
Hi Sim,

Need help with the avatar too. The guidelines mention pixel size, but can you help with what it roughly equates to in kb as a .gif? HAve tried the smallest pic I have on my hard drive (around 5kb) and its still too big. Any pointers?

Dear Jamie,

You can use an Avatar up to 20k. However pixel requirement is 50 x 50. You just have to resize the picture as long as it is under 20k.


1) Save picture under 20k
2) Take your picture put it in your favourite graphics program and adjust the dimensions so that the picture that you want to use fits the 50 x 50 requirement.

If you do not have a graphics program just use "Paint" in your windows accessories folder.
Then go to image; attributes; there you can change the width and height so that it is a maximum of 50 x 50.


Following on from what Sunstone said - you can also view the image in Internet Explorer (use file - open, or drag and drop the image) then right mouse click on the image in IE and select "properties" - and it will tell you the dimensions.