Text Area Size on Message composition

I guess this is for Sim :D

Can we get the message composition text area made wider?

I see a lot of big posts on this forum and those people must feel as frustrated as me when they only have a tiny little text box to look at.

On a typical 1024x768 screen there is all this wasted space on the right hand side that makes me cry.

You could easily double the space and have a LOT more room to type wich would make the board that much easier to use.

Anyway just my thoughts on this.
Hi Adam.

I understand what you're saying.

The unfortunate truth however, is that not everone uses a resolution of 1024x768 - and if we enlarge the text entry box too much more we start to become too big for lower resolutions.

Yes the entry box is small, but I think it works alright. Personally if I do find it to be a problem for a long post I am writing (as I tend to do from time to time), then I will use a text editor like NotePad (or my preferred TextPad) to compose the post and the cut-and-paste into vBulletin.
Thanks for the reply Sim.

I run my screen at 1600x1200 so it really sticks out to me. :D

I have been using notepad and doing the copy and paste and will continue to do that.

I live for the day when the Text Area tag can work like a table cell and be set to a % just by setting an option in the tag.

Could it be made a user option? Each user could set the width according to their resolution.

IE used to be able to check screen resolution, thogh this may not be an option in other browsers.