Thank You and Happy New Year

Hi All,

I wish to thank everyone for their suggestions, view points and contributions throughout the years.

I have gained a lot of insight, investing strategies, thinking patters and habits of investors which has been invaluable to the many things that I am doing. I have also met some new people (indirectly through SS) that I am planning different ventures with.

2010 will be a very busy year for me, launching a brand new business planning 20 new seminars, as well as running current businesses and adding a whole new dimension to them. It will be huge and will require my full focus. Due to time management I will be logging onto SS only once a month if time permits.

I am on facebook about once a week or so and available any time by email if anyone wants to get a hold of me. I will answer any question and will endevour to help anyone out who sounds geniune and respectfull.

my email is

I wish you all a very PROSPEROUS 2010

Until then remember to THINK BIG, take a RISK, INSPIRE others, be POSITVE and have FUN.