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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


Sue and I just wanted to say a very big thank you to everyone we met at the pub crawl yesterday. We had a ball and very much appreciate the efforts made by Yuch, Michael and anyone else involved in organizing it.

We'll be back for the next one!

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From: The Wife

I had a great time as well! Nice to meet everyone! Seriously though, I understand some may have been put of by the fact it was a "pub crawl", which is a shame as there wasnt much drinking. Big thanks to Yuch and Michael for organizing it.

For those who prefer not to pub crawl there is still The Wife's BIG BBQ in June in Canberra. THis will be our second Big BBQ.

Cheers TW
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From: Yuch .

Surprisingly, I only had 3 alcoholic drinks for the whole day. (I must be getting old....I used to drink like a fish!!)

Most of the time, I was busy chatting to other investors. And guess what, end of the day my throat was sore.

Next time, I will organise a better one than this.

I am looking forward to see a lot of investors from interstate attending TW's big BBQ!!

~ The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching. ~
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