Thanks Sim

Hello fellow Forumites.

As some of you have been well aware, Sim has been searching for a new Forum Moderator for some time to join the team of himself, Rolf, Geoffw, Keithj and Y-Man after a few of the others have been notably absent of late (Alexlee..)

After many phone calls, long nights in the chat room teaching me how to use the SS software functions, and our meeting in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, Id like to formally ask you to welcome me on board as your latest Forum Moderator.

I hope to serve you well, and look forward to keeping Somersoft a place of prosperity and fun.

Nice work Pinkboy,

I'm not sure whether to offer congratulations or commiserations with some of the antics that sometimes go on here :D
Well done PinkBoy and I like your positive attitude :)
It's a plethora of personalities online (both sane and insane) Enjoy!
Grats mate, I applied for the position as well, thought I was a shoe in with my high activity level.

All the best with it!