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    This seems to be ongoing, update on

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    There is a whole other action waiting for them should a certain group of property owners who were sold "Dual Income" properties in Brisbane be confirmed as being an unlawful use.
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    Word is that Kevin has told all his loyal followers to stay off the property forums now that all this negative publicity has started to surface about the club. He doesn't want them raising the profile of it all by commenting. Meanwhile it appears good old Kevin has gone into hiding himself after host of Foxtel's 'Your Money Your Call' program Margaret Lomas accepted his public challenge he put up on the ABC TV story. On her facebook page she wrote (I quote:)

    Many people have contacted me about the Kevin Young and Property Club debate presently going back and forth, so I'd like to offer some facts. I'd also like to thank everyone for the passion they show - and yes, we do have to stand up for what we believe in! Every day I see another investor in dire financial circumstances because of the unconscionable behaviour of spruikers, developers and marketing agents, and it makes my blood boil! These people live the high life on money made from the misfortunes of others and often flaunt that financial success, while their victims struggle daily, many ruined forever! If the government refuses to act to regulate, then we must keep exposing those who take advantage of others in the hope that we save at least one more.

    Where Kevin Young is concerned, on an ABC Program recently he claimed that he could place any of his 'property experts' in a room with any property expert in Australia and they would beat them. I found this claim without any basis or research and also highly improbable and so I offered to take up Kevin Young's challenge via an invitation on twitter (as it is impossible to contact him). From there, the following has ensured:

    1. After three posts from me, the Property Club responded. While the tweet said 'challenge accepted' it went on to justify the story and defend the claims made by the ABC, and divert attention from the actual issue of presenting their best expert for the challenge
    2. After several more posts from me, the Property Club asked me to email them. Upon request, they provided the email address of Kevin Young's wife.
    3. Kathy Young appeared to know little about it, and referred me back to the post defending the claims. Eventually after several emails she promised to get back to me, which she did not.
    4. I again posted, to which Property Club falsely claimed I had received an email from a Patrick, which I had not.
    5. Yesterday I got the email from Patrick, which said:

    'Kevin Young has asked me to respond on his behalf in relation to your proposed ?Property Experts? debate that you have been referencing on social media and in direct emails over the last fortnight. Kevin accepts your invitation/challenge.
    As you have made this challenge, Kevin expects the courtesy of choosing the venue. The proposed venue is the Property Club National Conference in 2015 in front of a live audience. We?d envisage that some 400-plus property investors from throughout Australia will attend and it would be a good opportunity for you to go LIVE one-on-one with Kevin in front of a live audience.'

    Ignoring the fact that Kevin made the challenge and I took it up, and that at no time has Kevin himself had the courage or done me the courtesy of responding, instead having his minions and his wife do so, let's think about this. Kevin wants me to come onto HIS turf, at a conference where HE is charging a ticket fee and will likely profit well from my appearance, and where the many people who are involved in and get commissions from the Property Club will likely be in attendance, to take up a challenge which HE made?

    I am up for this challenge. However it will be on neutral turf. It will be without a live audience which can be sabotaged. It will have an independent mediator. And, we can film it, to keep everyone honest about the results.

    Before I finish I'd like to put one more thing out there. Kevin also claims to have created more millionaires than any one else. Kevin, how do you know? You have never asked me how many millionaires I've created. You have never asked my good friends and highly respected experts Ben Kingsley (Empower Wealth), Damian Collins (Momentum Wealth), Rich Harvey (Property Buyer), Steve Waters (Right Property Group) to name a few, so how do you know this? And how to you define millionaire? Owning a million dollars worth of property does not a millionaire make.

    Either present the evidence that you have in fact created more millionaires than anyone else, or stop misleading and deceiving the investing public.

    So where are you Kevin? Not a word from the TIC camp. I guess he is just waiting for it to all blow over.

    Not long ago Kevin was offering TIC / Property Club franchises for $300K. Suddenly they dropped to the very special price of $150K. Now I see they are being offered for $98K on their website. Oh boy, wouldn't you hate to be one of the poor sods who purchased one.
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    Generic email received today:

    pinkboy.....In absolute no way am I affiliated by these guys.