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From: Megan Reimers

Hello All I just found this forum yesterday and I just can't believe the quality and quantity of great information being posted THANKS to all of you it is reassuring to know that newbie's like myself have a place to ask questions and get informative answers! Anyway I have a question for some of you What would you do? My situation is I have 45K equity tied to a neg geared property bought 12ths ago (currently on the market) had no knowledge or experience just wanted to do something..anyway bad financing and bad tenant made decision to sell easy.. expected profit 10-15K we want to start over and get it wright this time.. the problem is education there is sooo much out there it is hard to know where to start! any suggestions on a strategy that has worked for others who post here? Any response would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks again up the good posts!!
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From: Paul Zagoridis

Hi Megan

Welcome to the forum...

The first education point is to get Jan Somers books. It is their forum and appropriate to plug those.

Secondly Paul H posted the most thorough and insightful summary of strategies I've seen. his post is in "Some Questions ??? Free the Worms Part 2",30

If that doesn't lead to his post try this and move down to Paul H's post,30

Also if you have time on 24 June 2001 TheWife is having a Big BBQ in Canberra. lots of networking and Q&A's. Details in Meeting Point.

The info in this forum plus $3.00 will get you a cappuccino in Sydney. Act on the info and you can wake up rich.


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