The amazing transformation of Jim (long)


From: Sim' Hampel

Just thought I'd point out some interesting anomalies arising from the postings of one Jim Kouta.

His first posting (that I can see) was on the 23rd of April, 2001, and was a rather interesting post from an excited newbie who had just purchased their first IP. In the post they asked a lot of questions and generated some interesting discussion.

The next topic brought up by Jim was in June, where he posted a question about some university apartments, again posing as a bit of a newbie where he wanted to know whether the numbers on some apartments looked good.
General consensus (opinion only !) was that they really didn't.

Then in August, he let loose with a doozie ! The first line of his email reads:
"As an experienced property investor in Melbourne for over 30 years and remaining positive for all those years..."
Hangon, I thought you bought your first IP back in April ?
He goes on to say:
"Senior management at a large bank and several high profile real estate agents(close friends) have admitted..."
Personally, I always get nervous when people start quoting so called experts who remain nameless.

So, is this the same Jim Kouta who just bought his first IP back in April ? What were you investing in for the last 30 years then Jim ?

But wait ! There's more:

This last Monday, Jim goes on to say
"A Real estate agent who I know quite well has urged all those wanting to sell, to sell NOW! They are expecting a downturn. Another four Real Estate agents that I also know quite well..."
So know a lot of real estate agents quite well then Jim ? Okay.
And how do agents make their money ?
From people selling properties I'd imagine !

It gets worse on Tuesday:
"SELL, SELL, SELL alright. I've just sold 4 of my 8 properties in the last 3 months and I've made squillions."
That's nice Jim. I'm pleased for you, really, I am.

Now here's something interesting...
"As a Real Estate agent myself, I'd highly recommend selling now..."
Well, well, well, so you are an agent yourself, Jim ?
And you'd "highly recommend selling now" would you, Jim ?
That's nice to know, Jim.
Thanks for your unbiased advice, Jim.

"How else do you think I drive around in a brand new BMW? Lot's of commission for overpriced houses, but shhhh, that didn't come from me. Just giving some insider info..."

Ahh... so now the truth comes out.
You have an expensive lifestyle, and you need to get some listings to help you maintain it, is that correct, Jim ?

So what is it ? Are you a newbie who just purchased your first IP ? An experienced investor with over 30 years in the Melbourne market ? Or just an agent trolling for business ?

I don't mind you posting here, and I respect your right to do so, but your constant negativity and pressure for people to sell NOW is a little bit too much I feel.

Your opinion is welcome, but the emotional hype you have been posting helps nobody and is really really annoying !

Please keep contributing, but maybe try toning down the emotion a little.

Oh, and you may want to tell us more about who you really are, since we are all quite intrigued now ;-)

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From: Sergey Golovin

Well-said Sim.

We all do change our opinion to some extent from time to time pending on circumstances and number of years past, but yes this a bit to rich. Even I could not do it and I am good at it.

We had someone else couple month back asking how to invest and then he said - just purchased 6 units/townhouses (?)…

May be all they want is to ster it up.

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Re: The amazing transformation of Jim

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From: Dave :)

Sim'...thanks for that post. You are one perceptive person! Thanks for
making me smile.



{Life's hard}
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Re: The amazing transformation of Jim

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From: H T

and i was just about to go and sell everything I owned....not
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Re: The amazing transformation of Jim

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From: Jim Kouta

Ok, ok, so you caught me out. Would you believe that I have a split personality, lost in time, or perhaps somebody else is using my password?

Truth is, I couldn't be bothered creating a new user id for each story I hear, so it all gets posted under Jimbo, rather than saying, a friend of mine did this, a friend of mine did that....etc.

If you took the time to search this forum properly, you'll find that I posted a message some time back which read "I take on all shapes and sizes, I post messages to this forum as myself, but use other peoples(and mine) experiences". So, these stories are coming from the people I know and the stories I hear, and are posted as if it was "them" posting.

Sorry to have made this unclear to all out there and I apologise for being so negative. Just passing on information.

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Re: The amazing transformation of Jim

From: Anthony C

Well done Sim, I shake your hand.

When in doubt tell the truth.
--Mark Twain

I am different from Washington; I have a higher, grander standard of principle. Washington could not lie. I can lie, but I won't.
--Mark Twain

We can secure other people's approval, if we do right and try hard; but our own is worth a hundred of it.
--Mark Twain

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
--Mark Twain
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Re: The amazing transformation of Jim

From: Rixter ®


In relation to your Credibility..hmmmm I hear myself asking "What Credibility"????? ah well never mind!!

Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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