The Below Post 'PLEASE TRY AGAIN' is a VIRUS

From: Robert Forward

Hi Everyone

Please do not open the below posting as it has bought up a virus on 3 pc's that I've used in 2 different locations. It is definitely a virus so please please please don't go near it. If you have already update your virus checker, or install one, and clean out your system so everyone else doesn't suffer because of it.


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ATTN: Tibor

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From: Tibor Bode

Sim and everyone else,

My apologies for whatever has been attached
to my posting. I was running all morning virus scanning, but everything (2 scanner Norton and AVG) came up with no problem.
Anyway, my apologies again to everyone for the inconvenience it may caused. Usually I am very aware of viruses and have up to date Norton 2002 as my main virus scanner program, but it seems somehow this may have bypassed the scanner. Message is deleted.

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