The deal with Cashflow 101

From: Adrian See

Hi to all on the forum

I've read quite a few references to the game of Cashflow 101 but I don't know all that much about the game. I hear it is a great educational tool which can assist in real life decision making and results. I have a few questions to those with experience on the game.

Is it worth the $300 or so price tag? Can the same lessons be learnt elsewhere?

How many players are required?

Is the game addictive or one which you will play a few times then forget about it?

Does anybody know the best place to buy the game?

Any other comments appreciated.


Adrian See
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From: Geoff Whitfield


Where are you?

There are people who have the game- it's worth while to play.

There are people all around who have the game. It's a good way of getting together with people.

It's also a good way of learning how you think and react.

For me, there was the great bonus that my wife could see where I was trying to go. That has helped us immensely.

But look in the meeting point forum- look at the Freestylers meetings- both good ways of getting support- especially if, like so many of us, there's nothing but negative vibes from many people.
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From: Simon and Julie M

Hi Adrian
Cashflow 101 is a great game. When we bought it we thought $300 was a lot, now I think how cheap it was for what it has done for us. And it's fun.
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From: Michael G


Contact Yuchun Chen, she is an authorised Cashflow seller and can sell you Cashflow games for a discount off retail.

Michael G

yes this was spam, but the discount is real :p
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hi Adrian!

I love the game! I was very reluctant to buy it at $300 about 4 years ago now.

But, I ended up justifying it by claiming the cost as a tax deduction, using it to play with clients who are interested in the concepts, and most importantly, as a way of teaching my children another view of money and investing.

I have played with many different people and I thoroughly enjoy watching the different strategies that each person will adopt given their experiences, their knowledge, and their internal comfort zones.

I know it is a lot of money, but, I strongly recommend this product to you.

As others have suggested, go along to a cashflow night and play. Then decide.

Have fun

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From: Debra Walker

I think it is a fabulous game and worth the $300 price tag. I never get bored with it and have owned it for four years.

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