the Gap, Queensland

I am interested in buying an IP in the Gap, Brisbane. It is a mountain area but not much shopping centre. Do you have any comments about investment in this suburb ?
Returns aren't great; Waterworks Rd is the only way in and out of the city which gets very congested during peak (and other) periods, suburb sits right in the middle of a storm path and got smashed pretty badly last year.

Apart from that, it's fantastic!
I wouldn't touch it. Too expensive and you can buy up the range at Ferny Grove or Ferny Hills for a much better house/townhouse/unit at a better relative price. $390 - 600k.
What they said...

I live in Bardon which is just 4km from the CBD and much nicer than the Gap. Its a nightmare commute from there as well as that storm corridor issue.

I'm looking around Bardon, Toowong and Indooroopilly myself. I still reckon there's some good buying in this area but I won't be doing so until I finish my Mona Vale build in a years time. Still, it doesn't hurt to start learning the market.

I like The Gap! Beautiful family suburb. Commute can be nightmare on only one road - Waterworks Rd, but that is the only negative about the place.
Yes, The Gap did get hammered a few years ago by an unusual/freak "cyclone", the only time I've ever known the area to get that kinda weather.
Having lived in that area for over 24 years, believe me, that area is NOT in a storm corridor!
It's called The Gap for a reason. It lies in a gap between two "mountains" and has always been protected from bad weather (except for that freak storm).

Bardon is a beautiful suburb also and much closer to the city, and of course the prices reflect that too. Bardon also has the spectre of the old "route 20" hanging over it's head. Successive governments raise "route 20" in various forms, the latest by Can-Do Campbell as a tunnel. Toowong is closer again to the city and more expensive than The Gap.

The Gap is a great suburb and I'd look at areas there that are closer to Ashgrove than further out. Do some DD on he suburb, it has great infrastructure and people CHOOSE to live there for the lifestyle. The Gap High School is a very highly regarded school too.

Good luck with your decision.
Visited The Gap last year, from memory the air temperature was only around 25C, but man it surely felt hot walking outside.
Nice leafy suburb however the access via waterworks rd is an issue.

As to this supposed "storm corridor". Absolute nonsense. One freak storm, (which heavily affected many suburbs in the area and even further out to Samford where I live) does not = storm corridor. Completely disregard that as a factor in your decision.
As To This Supposed "storm Corridor". Absolute Nonsense. One Freak Storm, (which Heavily Affected Many Suburbs In The Area And Even Further Out To Samford Where I Live) Does Not = Storm Corridor. Completely Disregard That As A Factor In Your Decision.

Totally Agree
I live in The Gap and have so for 17 years who said its was a storm corridor the only storm that was an issue that I am aware of was in 08. Don't base your decision on it as a storm corridor there are bigger issue with your insurance company not paying a claim :).

Waterworks Rd can be an issue but I am in and out before traffic becomes an issue but I don;t feel its any worse than Moggill Rd, Milton Rd, Corronation Drive, Ipswich Rd, Annerally Rd, Riverside Expressway (hmm only at midnight :rolleyes:) Gympie Rd, etc etc any main road into the city is Shi$ at peak hour.

Bus service is great, no train station, plenty of schools both state and private, main shopping centre The Gap Village Shopping Centre / The Gap Markets, if thats not good enough 2k away is another shopping centre at Keppera or I guess 5k is Brookside shopping centre or Ashgrove which has Coles, woolies, and aldi.

The city is 11klm. 20 minites puts you on either the freeway to the north or to the south.

I wouldn't touch it. Too expensive and you can buy up the range at Ferny Grove or Ferny Hills for a much better house/townhouse/unit at a better relative price. $390 - 600k.
Agree.. I'd also throw in Everton Hills, a hilly leafy suburb. Depending on which side of the hill, you could have city views or out to the bushland. Considering the $, the Gap is way overated imo..
The Gap is a great suburb. The locals never want to live in anywhere else. Generally , when they upsize or downsize, they do it within their own suburb. Sure, Ferny Grove and Ferny Hills are a little more economical: The Gap just happens to be more upmarket!

If you're looking for real value, try Keperra, right next door. This suburb is considerably cheaper, with some housing commission homes.

The city is 11klm. 20 minites puts you on either the freeway to the north or to the south.
Like I said, far too far out... ;)

I'm in Bardon and 20 minutes has me in the city, parked and drinking my first beer. I can ride my bike to the city in 20 minutes, its only 4km away.

The Gap is nice, but when we looked at it when we first moved to Brisbane we decided it was just too far out. I work at Eagle Farm, on the other side of the city and some, and I'm at work in 20 minutes from Bardon via Latrobe Terrace then the ICB. Will be quicker when the airport link opens and traffic on Kingsford Smith Drive eases up.

I'm from Sydney recently so this 20-30 minute commuting is fantastic. My wife catches the bus from the roundabout at the top of the street into the CBD and is at her office in 10 minutes. Love it!