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From: Greg C

Any Experiences with the "Invest Club"
advertising in the API mag?
Living in Sydney, originally i wasn't comfortable about investing in inner Brisbane Areas but the returns seem to be more impressive than Sydney, with a lot of talk about Brisbane being the next hot spot?
As I said to my wife "I imagine the majority of QLD investors invest there so why not us"
Any comments on the above or re Sydney v's Brisbane would be appreciated
Thanks Greg
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From: Michael G


I've know about them for many years, have been to a few presentations.

Concept is good, and their selection criteria was good in the beginning (ie no more than 20units in a complex), but with growing demands their criteria has changed and personally I don't like the density levels they target now.

There's a lot you can still learn from them, just do your due dilligence when buying.

I used their criteria to buy my first IP (in Sydney)

- close to facilities
- gross rental return of 7% etc

bought my townhouse for $167k in Quakers Hills in '98 and its now valued at $230k

Not spectacular, but a good start.

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From: Rachel Freedman


From what I gather The Investors Club has had a major parting of ways with some of their key people setting up on their own as Wise Investment. Supposedly they did not like the criteria being used by The Club as well...otherwise seem very similar in what they do. Wise say they are more focussed on capital gain than just rental yield - more than Investors Club anyway.

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