The Mother of All Booms is Coming??

Last boom it filtered out from Sydney/Melbourn to Brisbane and at one stage Tasmania. Every state seemed to have its own follow on boom.

There was also filtering out of Sydney to Newcastle, Wollongong then large regional centres in NSW. I missed nearly all of these last time (bought in Darwin which was last in the cycle to move-it is almost counter-cyclical).

The Somersoft forum was a good place to get a sense of where the investor interest was focusing.
Of course rates will rise. But when and to how high is the big q?

Will there be a rate rise in the next 6 months or will it be like in 2017 2018
According to the trillion dollar markets, you are more likely to see a rate cut than a rate hike, in the next year or so.

In fact the market is betting a 0% chance of a rate hike during that time:

And will rates just stabikise at 2% higher then now or what is considered average
currently, a 15-year Australian Government Bond is yielding 3.17%. what is the market telling us?