The Mother of Backyard Entertaining Area Renovations

Well its taken 7 months to complete but we have now finally finished our 220m2 total backyard entertaining area renovation. We totally gutted the whole backyard back to sand and started from a completely new canvas.

The following is the list of renovation works carried out.

1/ Remove old flat roof colourbond patio.
2/ Remove old concrete pavers.
3/ Remove old colourbond shed.
4/ Remove all lawn.
5/ Remove all garden.
6/ Remove river stone/granite rockery.
7/ Remove 4 x 8m tall Cocas Palms.
8/ Remove Shade sail.
9/ Remove Clothes line.
10/ Remove party lighting.
11/ Remove 2500 litre rain water tank.
12/ Repaint all eves around house.
13/ Repaint all downpipes around house.
14/ Repaint all gutters around house.
15/ Repaint all fascia boards on up on roof.
16/ Repaint all fascia boards under gutters.
17/ High pressure clean driveway.
18/ Chemical removal of all bore stains from driveway.
19/ Install new below ground swimming pool with spa.
20/ Install new solarspan poolside patio
21/ Install new colourbond gabled house patio.
22/ Install new colourbond shed.
23/ Install poolside fence.
24/ Install 2 poolside gates.
25/ Paint backyard colourbond fence.
26/ Paint poolside colourbond fence.
27/ Install 56 inch stainless steel sweep fan with 3 stainless steel spots lights to underneath poolside patio.
28/ Install 56 inch stainless steel sweep fan with stainless steel spot lights to underside of gabled house patio.
29/ Install 9 stainless steel up and down spot lights around backyard walls of house.
30/ Install wood fired pizza oven and brick base underneath house patio.
31/ Install 80m2 of Fremantle Stone 400 x 400mm sandstone paving around pool and underneath poolside patio.
32/ Install 100m2 of Fremantle Stone 400 x 400mm sandstone paving underneath house patio.
33/ Install 11m of shade cloth from side of house patio across to painted colourbond fence.
34/ Install 4 soak wells.
35/ Install new outside speakers under eaves of house patio.
36/ Install new Pioneer 2 zone 7.2 AV Receiver in home theatre.
37/ Install new Pioneer Blu-ray player in home theatre.
38/ Install new Samsung 55cm LCD Flat screen TV outside on wall under house patio.
39/ Install new Samsung 600 litre side by side fridge / freezer in kitchen.
40/ Relocate existing Westinghouse pigeon pair fridge / freezer from kitchen outside underneath poolside patio.
41/ Install new wicker outdoor sofa furniture with matching ottoman and glass top coffee table.
42/ Relocate existing 10 seater solid jarrah outdoor setting to underneath poolside patio.
43/ Relocate back yard water tap from outside house wall to alongside pool area.
44/ Install new clothes line to wall on other side of house.

I've attached a few before & after photos.


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More Pics........


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More Pics...........


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Last couple pics


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Couple more.....


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Very nice. Can I have one? :D

My backyard currently looks like someone has half dug it up in anticipation of some major plumbing work ... oh wait ... bugger. Nevermind.
Nice work Rick. Well worth the 7 months of work/waiting. As wylie said, I'd be spending a great deal of time there as well.

VERY Nice Rick..

You did a fair bit of work yourself didn't you?

That pool would've been great with the heat yesterday

We escaped to the outlaws yesterday with the kids where they have refrigerated air-conditioning and a pool. Spent a leisurely day inside reading (Xmas Pressie) and relaxing

Your place looks better, plus you have a Pizza hot day we'll be over :D

The ducted evapouritive air-conditioning at our place just doesn't cut the mustard
Good on you, Rick. Nice to see you enjoying the fruits of your investing labours. :)

How about we organise a road trip so we can ALL enjoy the fruits of Rick's labours?
Well done Rick. Very impressive show and tell. It's actually bigger and better than I imagined.
Your've reduced the maintenance a bit, no lawnmowing, no pruning, just sweep the pavers, clean the pool, and clean the furniture. Wheres the fridge?

Enjoy the nice yard, you've earnt it.

Very very nice, Rixter.
Well done.

Bet the place looks great at night with that lighting too.
Did you put the TV up after the photos were taken? (I can't see it).

I can imagine there are going to many many happy moments enjoyed in your new outdoor areas. Enjoy.