The Off Topic Thread #2

I had to post this somewhere, because some may find it useful.

Not wanting to throw my old laptop batteries in the bin I went on a hunt to find a recycler in Brisbane and surprisingly I found it relatively difficult to track down somewhere convenient.

However ultimately I found that Battery World will take them off my hands and recycle them.

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Our plan got deposited today. The letter that says it still makes it sound like it is up in the air, even after all the approvals, getting a water meter, paying the council off yada yada. I have no idea if the bank will take it as security against the other two properties or we get the title free and easy to play with, and noone seems to know. 4-6 week wait, apparently. Where's the nailbiting smiley?

I guess by your 3rd or 4th subdivision its like buying a house and you don't care anymore?
went for lunch with a girlfriend today - overlooking the waves at merewether. sun was shining, but not hot, the sea was a beaut deep blue/green, just a zepher of a breeze and i shouldn't have had the caramel cheesecake to finish with.

i am sooooo full - feel like a nap and the family might just get cheese on toast for dinner!
Hey, I thought I had copyright on that last thread! Obviously didn't read the governing legislation well enough....


Oh my. I hope that you didn't pick up that opinion based on anything that an anonymous user wrote on a public forum. Now look what's happened!

We made shortbread today and it turned out REALLY nice!

Will probably be gone by morning :(

Very simple too. 3oz sugar, 9oz flour, 6oz butter, rub together, press into a pan, score, bake for 30 mins at 160, cut up along the score lines before it cools completely.

We've got a conflict of interest in this house with 3 members gaining weight or growing and one wanting to lose weight :rolleyes:
Frankston was the site of the first Australian Scout Jamboree in 1935.[3] It was the only jamboree in Australia to be attended by the founder of the Scouting movement, Sir Robert Baden-Powell
Went to an ATO SMSF seminar tonight and asked can I withdraw all our Super Money when 65 years of age in a lump sum, pay no tax (if I don't we don't earn interest) spend all the money and apply for a pension?

Presenter nearly choked...:D

No intentions of doing this but some people do.

It was 14 cel today !!!!!!
We're having a heatwave :)
Supposed to be nice and warm all week.
This the best winter we have had in a long time.
Spring is next week
This is our highway 11 days ago

now its clear and the lovely brown ground shows through (green soon)


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On topic (haha): I finally took the big laptop battery to batteryworld yesterday and found they actually have a whole wheely bin set aside to recycle old batteries, and to my surprise when I opened the lid I saw thousands of AA's in there. I didn't realise ones that small could be recycled, but from now on I'm saving ALL my used batteries to take there.
I'm having a tupperware party in a few weeks, now I just got to find some friends to invite :D ROFL

I had one of those recently. Got talked into it, but it wasn't as bad as I dreaded. I only had 6 people because most people I know ran a mile when I proffered the invite. Still sold about $600-$700 of stuff and got some good stuff myself very cheap (for being the hostess:p) and then got $80 of credits, based on the sales, to choose more things.
All up, not a bad afternoon. Not sure I'll do another though:cool:.