The Property Puzzle by Stuart Wemyss

I have just finished my second book: The Property Puzzle.

The book takes investors through a simple 7 step process to developing their own property-based financial plan.

Click here to download the table of contents and the preface (to learn more about the book)
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Stuart, I loved your first book; it was extremely well-written and covered material that I don't think is recorded anywhere else in property-related books. So I'm looking forward to receiving my copy of this next one!

Looking pretty handsome on the cover, dude ;)
have you finished the the PP book yet Ozperp?

Haven't yet seen it in the bookshops to have browse
I confess that I haven't yet... :eek: I have a sizeable backlog of reading material at the moment. (But it's so much fun looking at all those unread books; like Homer Simpson contemplating an all-you-can-eat buffet! ;))

I'll bring it to the top of the pile and get back to you shortly. :)
I just finished it.

I enjoyed it. It's a fantastic book for those considering which type of property investment they prefer (cash flow, capital gains etc).
There are case studies giving examples of each.

It's written in plain English so easy to understand.

I feel Stuart gives an unbiassed view of each. Many books rubbish one method over another.

My only question regarding figures would in the case studies would be why the PPOR increased at a rate of 2% pa while the Ip's went up 10%pa.

A few other numbers don't add up (maybe it's me). I have a number fetish.

There are a few comments from Michael Yardney, Monique Sasson Wakelin, Steve McKnight and Margaret Lomas. I like the format. The question is asked of 2 experts and they give their answer. It's good to see 2 different views of the same question.
.....I got my free copy Express Posted to me just for renewing my API mag. subscription.;)

Me too. ;)

The book arrived days before the receipt of subscription payment :eek:

I enjoyed Stuart's Smart Borrowers Handbook, however this recent one (The Property Puzzle) is also in my "too read" pile :p
My only question regarding figures would in the case studies would be why the PPOR increased at a rate of 2% pa while the Ip's went up 10%pa.

Hi Travelbug

Thanks for the kind feedback. I am very glad you enjoyed it.

I assumed in each case study that the investor’s home increased in value by only 3%. I lot of poor performing property is inflationary. I realise that this is a pretty pessimistic assumption but the aim was to ensure that the investor’s home didn’t really influence their net worth over the long term. I wanted to isolate the effect of each investment strategy.

Happy to help you out on any other figures that need explaining. It’s a complex financial model and I have only provided high level figures so I appreciate it might not make sense at first. I didn’t want to include too much detail in the book as it would get too ‘heavy’.

Thanks again for providing the feedback and would love to hear what other people think (good or bad).