The Property Wrap

From: Michael G

The Property Wrap

Yo! Gents and Gals
Sit down shut up
And listen here
To hear what’s up

Theres something new
Now going ‘round
A brand new trend
To hit our town

To all of you
Who do invest
Read here if ya
Do know what’s best

If you do wish
To want to know
Then you should read
What is below

Now this aint no
Such buy and hold
Where cap gains can
Be really slow

Nor is this thing
About a flip
Where one makes cash
There really quick

And don’t think I’m
Talking renos
‘Cause it aint, my
IP fellows

No what it is
That’s all the rave
Is what’s know as
The wrapping craze!

Now lean in close
And lend an ear
And I’ll tell you
Want you need hear

So grab a pen
And a clean pad
And take some notes
To join this fad

The idea here
Is be the bank
To those who cant
Seem to make rank

So what you do
Is buy for them
The house they want
On which you’ll lend

You tell the bank
The house is yours
Then take a loan
From roof to floors

Then once its yours
You sell it to
The buyer who
Did contact you

And then you sell
With gain to make
Off price and the
High interest rate

The idea which
You need to learn
Is something we
Call vendors terms

So when you get
A wrap payment
You take your cut
Then pay the bank

So now you know
This new idea
What more is there
For you to fear?

There is a point
Of finding loans
So you best get
A rep who knows

About whats there
That you can pick
So you ensure
Your deal does stick

And find someone
Who knows their law
To write the terms
Which make eyes sore

And then you need
To write an ad
To tell those who
Do like this fad

“Call now, or fax
Low down, That’s me
No banks at all
That you can see

I’ve now got homes
Or pick your own
Then come see me
For your own loan”

That is the Wrap
For you my friends
So I’ll say bye
Thats how this ends

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From: GoAnna !

Yo bro, get down!

GoAnna !
(aka Anna before she got real)
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From: Jude H

See? This is how one gets ahead in life. Not for our Michael mere books to be written, seminars to be said, instead he gets a record deal!

ARIA here he comes!
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From: Rasputin .

Well done, made the whole wrap experience more fun !!!
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