The Sanctuary on Moggill (Brisbane)


I was just wondering if anyone knew much about the development called The Sanctuary in Moggil, 20ks west of Brisbane CBD (it is a Mirvac project).

I am thinking of buying land\home package off plan for investment purposes, but do not know much about this area and a bit concerned about the lack of infrastructure development around the area.


the estate is lovely and the homes are sensational.... the major issue with moggill and bellbowrie at present is the dispute with the state & federal governments as it's likely the ipswich motorway upgrade won't be the six lanes we wanted, but will be diverted through the above mentioned suburbs ...

the two suburbs are middle class riverside suburbs and if it has the new highway through the middle of it.... i can't see this being a good thing?

might be best to do your home work before signing the dotted line... good luck mate
Thanks for the info, that's interesting about the ipswich motorway, will definitely look into that and also investigate whether there is any talk about upgrading the Moggill ferry\barge at the end of Moggill road.

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I know two people that bought out there, they paid 215k and 240k for land in stage 2. Each putting on a spec home for investment for about 180kish.
Houses are selling for about 500-550k. They have made some coin already without even building yet. All big blocks out there.

Moggill rd will be widened which will help traffic congestion.
Moggill Road

Just a bit of local info - at the moment all traffic from the Moggill/Bellbowrie area not using the Ipswich Motorway is funnelled through Kenmore. The section between Kenmore Road and the Centenary Highway is getting busier and busier as the only public transport to the area is bus (no trains). As far as i know there are no current plans to upgrade Moggill Road through kenmore althoug there is upgrade work on the outskirts towards Bellbowrie and also work being done on the Ipswich motorway. The problem is that everyone meets at a roundabout at Moggill Road and Brookfield Road. There has even been speculation recently of the library going back in at Kenmore in Princeton street (T intersectin with Moggill) which will compound the problem even more. Staff I work with who live at Pullenvale/Bellbowrie and Brookfield etc are saying that sometimes it takes them more than 45 minutes to get work!
Anyway I don't know whether this helps or not......... :)
I bought 2 blocks on this estate when they were first released. There was a rush for these blocks and the benched ones sold out very quickly. It is an elevated estate with a lot of owners getting great views. I'm going to build some houses on them for investment purposes and am confident that I'll do very well in the future. Most of the residents are going to be professional people with families.

I'm not too sure about the roads although I was assured by the developer that Moggill Road is going to be upgraded in the near future.
Sanctuary on Moggill - Impact on IP with interest rises


Thanks for all your comments.

I was just wondering what people thought the impact of the recent interest rates rises and the impending rises over in the next few months will have on investment property's, around the 18ks distance from the CBD?

Do you think the growth will slow, or even potentially dip, or will the demand still push up the growth

We are just about to purchase a home and land package at the Sanctuary on Moggill, and just bit nervous with the interest rate rises.

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I think that interest rates will slow down the growth so instead of 20% increases a year it may come down to 6-7% a year. The Mirvac development at Moggill has fairly strict covenant standards and will always be attractive to those who have above average incomes. Brisbane will soon become like Sydney and Melbourne where 18km out of the CBD is not that far out for 900 sq metre blocks with fantastic views.

I've been reliably informed that stage 3 of this development will have blocks starting at $300,000 each so if you have bought in stage 1 and 2 you have done well.

By the way, I'm not a Mirvac salesman, just an investor who is very happy with my purchases last August. Blocks have gone up from $240,000 to close to $270,000 in such a short time.
I don't think interest rates will have much of an impact; the kind of demographic likely to buy there aren't likely to be terribly interest rate-sensitive.

I live right near that corner (Kenmore and Moggill Rds) and I've heard that 1) the library in Princeton St has been canned, and they're putting a new library at Bellbowrie instead, and 2) the by-pass through Moggill has also been canned. The news tonight that Kevin Rudd today turned the dirt on the Ipswich Highway 6-lane upgrade suggests to me that this latter may be correct.

The local member, Michael Johnson MP, is a very energetic young man - so instead of trusting my rumour sources ;), I'd contact his office and I'm sure they'll be happy to give you the latest info. I've always found the office very responsive to requests.
Still undecided at this stage, not sure if investing in outer suburbs is the best option compared to inner city for best growth, especially with current market. No train line also concerns me with the problems on Moggill road.
No train line also concerns me with the problems on Moggill road.

It's not just Moggill Road, either!! Traffic everywhere in Brisbane is a nightmare of late. (Too many bl@@dy southerners are moving to Paradise :):D ) For that reason, our first criteria for the purchase of IPs (and our PPOR, too) is that it must be either close to a railway station or to one of the major busways.

It's not just Moggill Road, either!! Traffic everywhere in Brisbane is a nightmare of late. (Too many bl@@dy southerners are moving to Paradise :):D ) For that reason, our first criteria for the purchase of IPs (and our PPOR, too) is that it must be either close to a railway station or to one of the major busways.


LynnH, I agree that being close to a railway station or one of the major busways is important but it wouldn't be my first criteria for the purchase of an IP. Sanctuary on Moggill is located right in the middle of a booming area that will not be overly affected by rising interest rates as the buyers are mainly professionals or wealthier clients with incomes and assets that are way above the average. They are going to have the "muscle" power to make sure that transport infrastructure is suitable for their needs. I've been told that buses run frequently along Moggill Road and that there are plans to widen the road.

I've just had my building plans approved by Mirvac and they expect a high standard of finish for houses built in the estate. This will keep the values high resulting in good capital growth and decent rental returns.
Nth Brisbanite

Given the BCCs lousy record with transport infrastructure, when do you expect Moggill Road to be upgraded? We have avoided investing in the western suburbs because of (what we have viewed as being) the transport bottlenecks, so I would be interested in any info you can provide on any proposed improvements in that direction.

Moggill Rd is currently undergoing a significant upgrade from the Kenmore Rd corner going outbound to just past Pullenvale Rd. After these works are complete, I think (mentally driving through it) that the entire length will be two lanes each way. (Possible exception for short section between Mt Crosby Rd and Grandview Rd?)

The main remaining problem that I see are the two intersections in close proximity at Brookfield Rd and Kenmore Rd in the Kenmore shopping district; and I don't know what plans are in place to address those bottlenecks. In fact I'm not even sure what could be done.