The secret to my success

Have a read through see_change's post all the way back from year 2001. He has been few steps ahead of the market. Anyone would do better if they simply follow see_change.

I was flattered to see this comment on another thread , and it started me thinking of how I had been successful .*

So I thought I should share with people on the forum that I have a secret . In fact three .

Unfortunately I don't want competition in the market place , and I don't want to make money from *running seminars . That seems like hard work , and at this stage of my life , after my successful I property investing career I'm wanting to relax a bit more and also spend more time on my song writing .

I will be passing my secrets onto my kids but for all those who haven't been able to succeed in property investing , I just want to say that there is hope , and spend enough time reading on this forum , *look hard enough and use you brain you might just find a secret that works for you . But do your self a favour , don't tell everyone .

While I'm not selling my investing platform , I will tell you it has three components and the boom in computing in the last 2 decades have helped me gain access and develop my system .

The first one is a unique data source . Search the forum . The information about this data source is out there .

Optical input devices have improved dramatically , more so in recent years and I have one which has good optical character recognition features and is good for detecting trends and potential buying dips .

Finally I have a fairly advanced technical analysis software . For shares I use amibroker , but for property I have a unique proprietary software that I developed . The programming wasn't complicated but it was time consuming .*

Unfortunately I'm not prepared to sell it , but with a bit of study , you may be able develop your own .

Good luck . The answers are out there .*

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Rephrased to "I know a secret and i'm not telling anyone, ner ner" ?

What are you trying to get across here seech? Can you elaborate a little?
This has to be your first ambiguous post :)

All I can get is
- monitor this forum
- work out a system
- keep it to yourself

While I'm not selling my investing platform , I will tell you it has three omponents and the boom in computing in the last 2 decades have helped me gain access and develop my system .

Damn you seech, I just highlighted and searched omponents to further my technical knowledge and google told me

This is a really good post See_Change! Never thought of it like that, changed my thinking - thank you.

I really appreciate the link and share guys.
It resonated with me as I'm really cautious about investing in Sydney atm.

This guy from work who is my age was chatting in the lunch room about investing in Tregear yesterday, made my heart sink, he had no idea. This is what concerns me, when people are fearing missing out and looking at spending ridiculous money in areas which are the dregs of Sydney.

I'm feeling my best bet is to stay well out of the Sydney market for a while.
Is the secret to buy in blue chip areas that have long term growth history and don't sell...?

No , that's not the secret .. But we have done well buying PPOR's on the north shore and we did well buying two units in mosman just after the GCF hit and no one else was .

1. Start early.
2. Buy good quality property whenever you're able.
3. Hold onto it for a long time.

Not a very sexy strategy and it won't get you there very quickly, but it can work really well if you buy well.