The Sydney Big Picnic

From: Robert Forward

G'day All, I've been told not everyone reads the "Meeting Point" and not everyone read this post so I'm placing it up here.

I've gone on a drive'a'bout through Centennial Park today and have found the perfect place for us all to enjoy the BIG PICNIC (BBQ).

There is plenty of parking along Musgrave Avenue, as well as toilets and some tables seating.

So here is what we'll do. I will bring a BBQ for us all to cook with. What you will need to bring is your picnic stuff like food, picnic blanket, drinks, soccer balls, cricket bats etc etc. As I said their a some tables not only enough for 12 people or so, so if we can all bring along a seat and some more picnic tables would be very helpful too. Of which I can bring another table easily enough.

Now the date and time.

Lets get together at 11:30am on the Sunday the 23rd of September. (I will get there earlier to make sure we get the tables and area just for us). So everyone from interstate can now go and book your flight or organise your trip. We'll look forward to seeing you here to.

Attached is a link to the web site you can find the street. Click here to go to Centennial Parklands Map.
To zoom in on desired sections of the map, right click on your mouse to get zooming options.

Please, I need everyone to email me to confirm that you will be there with numbers, this would be greatly appreciated. If anyone wants to play cashflow I can bring the paperwork to turn it into a cashless game (so your money doesn't get blown all over the place if it's windy).

Looking forward to see everyone their on the day.

Robert and Ms Flip
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From: Sam Coster

wouldn't miss it for the world see you there.
Enjoy the journey, its half the fun.
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