"The Week That Was: 15-21/12, 1999"

From: Mike .

Hi Everyone,

Looks like most forum members were busy this week with Christmas preparations. Only 4 short threads and 9 posts to consider.

Topics Included: Bank Loan Criteria, Looking for Good RE agent, House v Unit.

Quotable Quotes:

From Sue: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Millennium."

From Tully: "I have found plenty (RE agents) who are trying to sell me the "house of my dreams", rather than the "deal" of my dreams."

From Les: "Any others out there with a new, Harvey Norman, Pentium IV crystal ball with DVD and 1Gbyte of memory???"

Me: Did you ask Santa Claus to pop one in your Xmas stocking, Les?


From Sue: "As far as other places on the web, there is a book you can buy or get from the council library called "Property on the Net" by Graham J Airey that lists hundreds of sites relating to property and property investing."

Classic Post:

This week, Sue gets my gong. Geoff's question is:

1. Are there any other good sites/links on the net dealing with investing in property?

2. Bye the way, I have $87,000 collateral in my house and want to invest. But I am only working temp at the moment and looking hard for more permanent work. Would it be worth my while having a talk to a bank about investing, or would they not be interested as I am not permanently employed ?

PS. I can't wait for your next book JAN :)

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