"The Week That Was: 19-25/1, 2000"

From: Mike .

Hi Gang,

It's hard to believe that after 5 months the forum this week received only 6 posts. But that's hardly surprising since Les posted only once after a two week absence.

Topics Included: Investors Club, & CGT.

As a result of trawling ahead to find details for Les' Biography I see that over the next 6 months many new names appeared such as Andrew G, Pierre, Owen, Darren, Robert, and Geoff. Staying on board is Les, Gee Cee and Sue1. There should be some good posts from that lot. Having said that, I notice that more "chat" type threads begin appearing. Seems the forum is getting a little sociable.

Another name which appears is a chap called Will. There seems to be some controversy surrounding him. He even appears to have a nickname - "Whinging Will". Can't wait to find out what all the fuss is. Is controversy good or bad for the forum?

I also wonder whether Sue1 will finally answer Gee Cee's questions.

No Quotable Quotes this week so let's jump straight to the Classic Post.

Classic Post:

Once again, Les does a good bit of research to answer Johnathan's question:

Hello all,

I spoke to my accountant this week and was told that claiming building depreciation can adversely affect CGT liability should you be forced to sell. Has anyone else received similar advice ?

Thanks Jonathan
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From: Robert Forward

Ahhh, the days of Whinging Will.

Now that was fun.

Where is Whinging Will now?? Who knows. though I'm sure some do ;^).

"Will" always had a way of providing you an opened eye outlook on a decision. It was always good fun to read "Wills" comments and more so on the comments "Will" received back from other posters.

How I wish "Will" would make a reappearance. Even if it were for just one post, hint hint....

Three cheers for "Will"

Hipip horay, hipip horay, hipip horay.

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From: Owen .

I agree. He has my vote for the next Hall of Fame entrant.

Ah...the good ol' days.
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