"The Week That Was: 21-27/9, 1999"

From: Mike .

Hi There,

Before commenting on this weeks action, just a brief thanks for the kind remarks of late. I won't clutter the forum with individual replies but your words are encouraging so lets press on.

This week was very quiet with only 2 threads, the longest with 2 replies. Only 5 posts in total. The Les and Sue Show must have been at intermission.

The notable thing about these 2 threads was they asked the perennial question: "I would like to know what people think about buying rental properties in xxxxx?" Gee, I'd like a dollar for everytime that question has been asked. From my observations, the quality of responses has ranged from blah to very good. You just have to take pot-luck or ask about Brisbane when Les is around. Paul did, and received this week's Classic Post from Les. See the attached file.

Quotable Quote from Les: "(Keep in mind I am no Financial adviser, just an ordinary bloke - so my opinions are just that)." Me again: You missed your calling, Les. Not bad advice from an "ordinary" bloke.

Trivia Time: The first 28 days had 35 posts including replies posted later than the first month. Take them away and it's slim pickin's, indeed. I just did a date range search on the new forum for the last 28 days from Mar 9 to Apr 5, 2001 (PIF only) and got 837 Messages! In 19 months, that's a growth rate of 2,046% or 107.7% per month.

If I were to attempt to read every post each month now for The Week That Was, I'd have to retire, sit at the computer all day, take the phone off the hook, and order-in home delivery take-a-ways to produce a post. I might even have to chop it down to The Day That Was or even The Hour That Was. The mind boggles at the amount of daily posts there could be in a years time.

Enough of that! Check out the Classic Post. Here is Paul's question to Les:

"Hi Les Interested in your comments on the QLD market. Where can I get further info? Regards Paul."
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