"The Week That Was: 6-12/10, 1999"

From: Mike .

Hi All,

Well, the tide has been out for awhile but maybe on the way in after this record breaking week. Stats-wise: 6 new posts, 25 posts in total, 8 posts in longest thread about Interstate investing.

Topics: GST, P&I v IO, Interest Rates, Brisbane Market, Interstate Investing.

No shortage of Quotable Quotes:

From Ian: "That once in a lifetime bargain comes along about every month or so if you look hard enough".

From Rob: "High pressure sales tactics always seems to guarantee that there is a whiff of something organic about the product, if you know what I mean."

My favourite from Sue: "Hi Ian & Jan I know its only a little thing but is it possible to reset the email dates in the forum to Aussie style. I find it quite confusing and annoying to get my head around those American dates (especially at the end of a very long day ;) Hope you can help. Sue"

Spare a thought for me, Sue, doing these TWTW's.

More praise for the forum from Boyd: "This forum is a fantastic arena to sound out ideas and get advice. I'll certainly be checking in on a regular basis." Me again: Boyd did check in for the next 4 months, his final post was dated 13/2/00.

Research & URLs:

From Ian: "If you want general information on property in the various capital cities, I would recommend the Australian Property Investor magazine (www.apimagazine.com.au). BIS Shrapnel (02 9959 5924) also do a professional job of market research and produce a quarterly report that you can subsribe to. But then there is nothing like spending your next holiday in Qld to check it out for yourself!"


To this week's Classic Post and, unfortunately, I couldn't narrow it down to one. The replies to Boyd's question re: P&I v IO from Ian, Les and Sue were all great and is my favourite thread this week. But Ian narrowly gets my gong in that lot. The second Classic from Sue in reply to Chrissy, the Interstate investor from Adelaide.

Boyds Question was:

"I have a question, hopefully someone can give me some advice. My wife and I are in the RAAF, we live in subsidised housing for about $90 per week. We have 3 rental properties but have low equity in all of them. They are financed with P&I loans on a variable rate (I'm not really a fan of IO loans). I'm not sure whether to concentrate on building the equity in our current properties and borrow against them a little later on or to save a deposit and buy a fourth, having another iron in the fire so to speak. I would feel a little more comfortable if we owned more of our houses, then we could use rental income to pay off further properties. But if we're busy paying our current loans, our future investment property is going up in price. What to do?"

See Ian's reply in the attached file.

Chrissy's Question was:

"Hi. I have almost read Building Wealth in Changing Times and am convinced that it is what my husband and I should be doing. We have a large tax bill and yet not a lot set aside for the future. We live in Adelaide, but are not sure if this is where to buy. Or if not, how to buy elsewhere without having to go there. had a chat recently with Program 8 people, but felt they weren't what we were looking for. Any tips for the newcomer or contacts would be very welcome. Thanks"

See Sue's reply in the attached file
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