This summer (Canada) has been a nightmare

We had a bit of good luck today.
The tenant hearing we had today, we cancelled.
We went to her bank on the off chance the cheques she gave us previously would cash...and they did!!! ($1136.25) The monthly Child Tax benefits were deposited in people's accounts today. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she goes to access her account.

It is great to see you have a win over this tenant. Well done!

I'd also love to see her face when she tries to get her money out :D.
Turn it up.

Unlike some clueless hapless investors who get on here and bleat and whinge whilst having no idea what the hell they are doing, both Kathryn and Bob are very savvy investors and know what they are doing.

I've read their very detailed policies and they are impressive, and are indicative of people who have done the hard yards and been smart enough to impliment lessons can see it's a rolling document, each line has been a drama lived thru.

Huge respect to both Kathryn and Bob. No respect to matto for his silly sideline jab.

Wasn't meant as a jab. Apologies if taken that way.
Wasn't meant as a jab. Apologies if taken that way.

Don't worry Matto, Dazz is a big boy. The one thing I have learned over the years is that Dazz does have a jab at the Resi Landlords but he also has a deep respect at the ones that do the hard yards and make it work for them. :D
Had another win today.
Tenant was given an eviction order for next week. Of course she will appeal, and it will drag on..but we are getting closer :)

Why I haven't posted much lately.
This summer (Australia's winter) has been a nightmare for us.

Another tenant moves into a property. Pays bond and has a payment schedule for the first month. This is not unusual, many landlords do this.She misses first scheduled payment. When we arrive at the property, there is someone ahead of us dropping off garbage on the lawn. Seems her old landlord spent the previous 2 hours sorting and bagging it.I start speaking with this woman, and find out lots of useful information on our dear tenant. She was also duped.She received one month rent, and tenant left water running when she left, which flooded, and did damage. We decide to break lease. Tenant has already breached lease, so we issue 5 day notice to quit.She doesn't leave. Water is not included in lease, so a day after her scheduled eviction, we have the town disconnect it.Next thing we know, the cops, town council, RTA, are all calling us and demanding we turn it on. NO WAY. According to the RTA we are required to mitigate our loss. Never being able to collect the money from the water bill, is doing just that. She is still in our property with 3 kids, without any running water...6 weeks later.We tried to show the property to applicants, and she tries to strangle Rob. Cops called.Seems even when we act within the RTA for showing a property, the criminal code steps in, and Rob was liable for criminal charges because the tenant said no. Cops called last night, and decided to not charge either the tenant or Rob. The tenant does admit to strangling Rob at the RTA hearing though.Tenant grandfather was with her. We offered to allow her to move in 2 days, and owe us nothing. She said she needed more time...6 weeks more. NO! After back and forth, we said we would compromise if the grandfather co-signed the lease and paid the rental arrears. She could stay. He refused. We don't know the outcome of hearing yet (it is mailed). Tenant has now served us for compensation of no water, moving expenses, and discomfort. She was able to get her hearing in 2 weeks . WTF. Oh, we countered, we want immediate eviction.

Hopefully next summer will be better.
This has been stressful.

We were granted an eviction dated for 30 August. She has also filed for compensation for moving costs, living in a house without water,pain and discomfort etc for a total of around $1000. We have had the hearing already, but not received the decision.
The tenant left on the 30th. We had our supers attend the property, and they arrived there at 5 am. The fridge and stove we supply with the rental were gone also. Doors were off, knobs missing, holes and scrapes in the walls.About 30 bags of garbage in and around the property. I had the water connected again,(and we are required to have someone present when this occurs) no surprise that the water taps were all left on. We had a garbage skip..filled it, and taken away again.
We always have spare sets of locks, and our property is secured again. Super starts painting this weekend. We have already signed a new tenant (his references check out) for mid month.
We have contacted police to lay theft charges. Not sure if anything will be done. We have no idea where she has moved to, so we can serve her more court papers for damage. It is a small town, and our new tenant is a taxi driver (like a hairdresser, they know everything)

We are whittling our way thru the court cases.
Our flights leave for Australia 25 Sept regardless....
The supers will be up for a challenge then.
Hi Kathryn and Bob,

You guys are wading thru the multi-residential nightmare that I purposely avoid at all costs.

Society needs you type of guys desparately....I unfortunately would do my rag dealing with ratbags like that constantly.

I know the yield compensates you appropriately, but still.

Kudos and respect.
Thanks Dazz

I always joke that we never have a dull or boring moment while we are here.

The only thing that was a true joy this summer was caring for 2 nursing mother cats and their babies..and the hours old orphan newborn kitten.

They all left a few days ago..and we can hard wait until SPCA call us to care for more. They kept us sane :)

We have another hearing in a couple of days. (appeal)
This is for the tenant who transformed our 3 bedroom mobile into a 2 bedroom. Damage was $5k and we were awarded $200
What you are doing is admirable Kathryn. Your hard work has reaped rewards over the years and you will be rewarded further with your efforts. The big picture.
What you are doing is admirable Kathryn. Your hard work has reaped rewards over the years and you will be rewarded further with your efforts. The big picture. goes in cycles.

The irony of the evicted tenant, because she didn't provide tenant insurance, is because the town had a 36 unit apt building burned down the night before our hearing. Tenants were irate and calling the adjudicator because the landlord's insurance didn't cover them.
The adjudicator stated to our tenant, if they had coverage, those homeless tenants would be laughing all the way to the bank.
Adjuicator also told the story of another hearing. Tenant had fallen asleep while cooking, and there was $25K damage to the kitchen. He was extremely pleased when it was all repaired, because he had a nice new kitchen. He was really upset, when the landlord's insurance company handed him the bill for $25K to recoop thier losses.