thoughts on cabramatta investment market...

hi, i would like to know some of your thoughts on the property market in cabramatta (2166). any input on anything related to cabramatta will be of great value to me as i am doing a research project on cabramatta but also b/c i have personal interest in this suburb. have u invested here? what are your experiences? are u looking into investing in the future- why or why not? are u a renter/home owner/investor? do u see it as a growing market with investment opportunities? what needs to change in this area to boast investment activity and make long term gains?

i would especially like to hear handyandys comments as i understand he has alot of knowledge about this area!

please share your thoughts and experiences! many thanks to all!
Cabra = Little Vietnam

In the mid 90s the Vietnamese crime gangs took over the city's heroin retail market by supplying cheaper and purer heroin from a more central location that the incumbent Kings Cross. At the peak of this was overt and widespread heroin dealing in the main streets of Cabra. You couldn't walk 50m down the main street with out juvenile dealers appoaching you and asking if you wanted to buy. At this time the streets were full of junkies. Every 15 minutes when a train would pull in and offload 100 junkies. The notorious 5T gang and competing gangs were very active and involved in gang activities including numerous murders, and corrupt councillor Phong ngo had his political rival newman murdered.

It has since toned down. The heroin has decentralised across multiple suburbs so it's now under the surface. The streets are no longer over run with junkies looking to score. Most ground accessible units still have bars on the windows though.

It's like Footscray in Melbourne but further out. It may be undervalued because the reputation hangs around long after the trouble has gone.