Thoughts on Find Me a Home by Residex?

Just interested to know if anyone has used Find Me a Home by Residex? Thoughts on this website.

I have just started browsing it and found its estimated price ranges for properties were strange. Some estimates seemed to be reasonable, some were very wide - like from $700K to $2.2M for one property, but when drilled down it was a development block. Other estimates differed much from advertised price - eg estimate was for $700K to $800K for a property, but when drilled down it was advertised by agent for $1.2M.

I also have subscribed to PriceFinder and was able to compare its estimates against Find Me a Home. I found that on some properties the 2 were in broad agreement, but there were wide variations on others. I know these estimates are just that - the real prices are determined by market forces, but it is good to know before the negotiations begin!
the input data is fuzzy, so the outcome for many properties will be exactly that.

We have used Residex for over 10 years and have found it to be generally reliable, but only as a verification tool, not as a predictive model