Tiler for small job in Balcatta, WA?

Hi all,

We have just had some plumbing work done in one of our properties, which means that we now need to get about 12 tiles replaced. We can source the tiles ourselves, but I was wondering if anyone here can recommend somebody to do the tiling for us? It is a small job, just the 12 tiles, all on the wall of a shower.

Any recommendations would be very much appreciated!

Thanks :eek:
Thanks Jake, I'll get in touch with him.

Sigh... just found out that we can't get exact matches for our tiles - father in law checked with the Tile Library in Osborne Park and they didn't have any. I don't suppose anybody knows of anywhere else we could try to get a match? We need about 12 tiles.

Seems even just replacing them with non-matching but similar sized tiles will be an issue - there aren't a lot of 200mm x 150mm tiles out there :rolleyes:
Thanks for the recommendations. We ended up getting a local guy who we were very happy with - he did the job for $400 cash over a couple of days, and it looks as good as you can expect (given the non-matching tiles).

If anyone would like his details just PM me. ;)