Timber floor installation

We are about to commence constructing a house in Sydney. We would like to install the timber floor. It is so new to us and we are researching how to get the best material with the best economical cost.

It seems the hardwood timber is the best option, but I noticed most companies charge very expensively, so I am wondering if it is possible to order for raw Jarrah material directly from the factory ourselves and then engage a professional timber floor installer.

Would it be much cheaper? Is there any concern we need to know? Anyone out there has something to suggest or share with us? How do we find the raw material?

Thank you.

Last time I checked there were several listings on ebay from people who import timber flooring from China and other asian countries.

I did the numbers and with and without installation those were the cheapest options.

It was polished 2m lengths (the tongue and grove type) and had several wood types to choose from.
I guess as with every tradesman you'll have to check previous jobs they've done.

Are you installing it on a concrete slab?
Are you installing it on a concrete slab?

Yes that is correct.

I am not sure about importing from other countries because of Quaratine concerns?

Is it possible to order from the milling factory directly from Australia? And is it cheaper? Any idea how much would the tradeperson charge per square metres including installing the battens?
I am not sure about importing from other countries because of Quaratine concerns?
I am sure Aust. Customs wouldn't let them import the flooring without a fumigation certificate.

I don't know how much flooring is manufactured in Australia these days or how expensive it will be.
I'd invite namtrak to weigh in on this one; he's a professional timber floor installer.

My gut feel is that I can't imagine that it would be worthwhile importing your own timber; I can't imagine that people who do it all the time on a large scale, and have all the contacts, procedures, supply and transport channels etc lined up, could still end up costing substantially more than you replicating all this for a "one off" order.

Or if you do get it cheaper, I'd be concerned that you'll get terrible quality product. There are so many timber grades, cuts, qualities, etc, and you have to ask "why would a foreign timber yard be concerned about whether a one-off customer in Australia, who's never going to chase them through the legal system, gets good quality timber?" I'd suspect they'd ship you the stuff that the big boys (with bargaining power) won't take. :eek: And then you'll have trouble finding a local layer who'll handle the horrid stuff.

Sorry to sound cynical and so full of gloom. I'm all for doing things differently and trying to save/make money, and am renowned as an optimist actually, but I can see lots of flaws in this as a money-saving project.
I gotta agree with ozperp. I would be worried about whether the timber is from certified renewable sources rather than from old growth Asian forests. Let alone what happens if the timber you buy is not properly dry, or ends up cupping after laying, etc. There is plenty of timber flooring milled here, and it is possible to buy from the mill & have a flooring company do the laying and finishing for you.
Actually we are not looking to buy from those countries. I am merely trying to find out if buying from the timber mill directly in Australia and then engaging a professional floor installer to lay the timber is a cheaper option?

Any suggestion where we can get the raw hardwood ourselves? Jarrah timber is what we are hoping for.

If the above option is not recommended, which best company should we ask to do everything for us where the cost is reasonable?
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lots of stuff to consider there.

Have you spoken to a professional installer? They may be able to assist you of what 'grade' you would need and who to approach.

Some friends of ours purchased jarrah from a demolition yard. It looks wonderful now it is installed. The price was not much different from purchasing new timber, but the floor looks magnificent - jarrah just seems to improve with age.
Head on out to Laws Auctions in Wetherill Park on a Monday morning and buy what you need nice and cheap from there, then get someone to install for you.