To Gear Up or Not-That is theQuestion

From: JustAMum Bromilow

My chief advisor has posed to me a question, which has caused for us a quandary. To whit -
1. Do we gear up - and buy and hold another IP in a low interest, high selling price (top of the market), with lower rent return to purchase costs CYCLE,
2. Wait till interest rates & inflation increase, & property prices flatten out and rent returns catch up with property values?

Any response from any brave souls would be great fully appreciated as more than our view would contribute to our feelings of being able to reach a more balanced decision. After all - I am just a mum.

Looking forward to YOU putting your two bobs worth in - Just A Mum

(ps Damn it - this was the third time that I wrote this note! - silly me pushing the wrong button)
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi There

Rates rising, prices flattening and rents rising ?

An old timer once said to me that the best time to buy property was yesterday - providing you paid the right price for that market.

I think you may have answered your own question !

Stats will show that well located property will not dive in price. Growth may slow to zero, stock may be hard to move.

Any significant rise in rent rate as a result of cahnges in the cycle will be sucked up by increased rates.

Perhaps get into something that everyone else isnt ?

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From: Julian Iannelli

Hi there,

For what it is worth, if you plan to buy and hold property for the long term, my advise is buy as soon as you can afford to. If that is today, then do it. Buying the right property today will always be good property.

Go for it.
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