To Paint Roof And Render??

Hi all!

We have an ip which we have recently moved back into until we decide whether we are going to build or buy our "home home" here in Gold Coast. The tenants in the past haven't exactly kept it in a decent condition and so we are now having to replace blinds, fix gardens etc etc to get it back to scratch - this being a lot easier cause we are living in the house.

The situation is - the house isn't exactly the nicest looking house - its not ugly but it could look better - basically the whole street is very schabby and run down a bit... so my hubby has this whole idea of getting someone to render it and paint the roof to give it more street appeal. Now thats all fine and dandy but in a year or two's time we are most likely going to re-rent it out again (this could change but at present we will).... so im trying to tell him it might not be worth spending $10k to do that when its probably more important to put aircons in or something like that??? He is very adimant on doing the outside though.

Anyway is there any benefit to us doing what he wants - ie: will this increase the value for when we want to get our home? im just trying to see if there is any positives or are we just wasting money??

Any suggestions would be great so i can pass them on to him!!! lol.
Hey Kiwigirl,

Depends. If your are trying to rent the house out during times of higher rental vacancy, it might be a good idea to touch up the outside of the house. Just remember first impressions count. You need something that sets your property apart from the others on the rental market. In order for them to walk through your place, they will first see the outside of the house.

But if the tenants are screaming for places and the rental vacancy in your area is quite low, then I probably wouldn't worry about the outside reno.

Just remember, your thoughts tend to become emotional, especially when you don't know whether it will end up as a rental or you PPOR.

Prices might be outdated by now, but I paid a very good subbie $35/m2 2 years ago to prep, use two coats of rockcote render and sponge finish. He keyed in expansion jts and plugged with selant. Very happy with result and looks very modern. It wasn't that big an area to do, so if you have the front of the house to do, the rate mentioned may be somewhat close to the mark.

Good luck deciding.

Thanks Fudge and Marg for your comments.

The house is on a corner block so is VERY visable on the front, right side and rear... the only side you can't see if the left side of the house. So rendering just the front might not be an option???

As for quotes the prices i have recieved for the rendering itself (not the painting) has been from $4200 - $5,700, then the painting quotes have been from $2100 - $3000. THEN there is the roof painting which the quotes i have gotten have ranged from $2200 - $5000.

So thats why im asking the question as to are we wasting money. I have NO IDEA what the normal price range is - being in the Gold Coast... so all i have to go on is what the guys say....

Its really hard cause as i would love to make the outside look nicer for that street appeal i just think maybe that money could be put to better use???

Thanks for your comments though, i will definately take that into account.
With a corner block obvioulsy only rendering the front is not an option.

Could you do the external house painting yourselves?
Thanks Fudge and Marg for your comments.

Its really hard cause as i would love to make the outside look nicer for that street appeal i just think maybe that money could be put to better use???

Thanks for your comments though, i will definately take that into account.

Fair ponit.

As I see Marg just highlight, that rendering the front is not viable, due to a corner position.

However, the front is obviously the main side to do, as this is where people access. (come into your house) I have a property out Ipswich way and have only rendered the front of the house. It looks great. I have 'returned' the render about 1 meter on each side of the house and finished it there. As I have a 6 foot fence going around the sides of the house, no one can tell it stops. Do you have any things you can do. I realise that fencing can be expensive (charging up to $70 / m for 'good neighbour' fencing), so if you don't have this, it may prove more expensive......(You don't need good neighbour fencing though, could be standard timber paling fence!)

But then how about this........depending on the area (or length of your boundaries), I might tend to plant a nice line of moraya / lilly pillies along the property boundary, and in 2 years, with a little maintenance in trimming, you will have a 6 foot hedge around your property. (as your IP is in the 'sunshine state' I think the plants mentioned would thrive).

I have done this along the property boundary of my PPOR and bought about 30 mock oranges from the weekend markets about 2.5 years ago for about $2 each, and now they are 5 foot high!! Provided you give them a trim every so often when they sprout up, they tend to densify and turn into a thick hedge.

Could save a fair bit of money, and in the time that you want to put it back on the market for rent, the hedges may be quite mature.

If you are all for this, I would say get in now, as it is the best time to be planting, and the plants will love having a whole summer to grow...:)

Hopefully, that provides some 'food for thought'