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Discussion in 'Property Investment - Other' started by Red Star, 16th Feb, 2008.

  1. Red Star

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    4th Jul, 2007
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    Hi, I am looking at buying a property which is literally about a 20 metre walk to a train station. I think being close to a train station is a good thing, but when does it become a bad thing? Ie, is it good to be say, 300-500m away so the walk is not too far, but the noise doesnt disturb you. Or are you better to be as close as this house is, as the trains will enter and leave the station slowly????

    I have spent some time at the property and havent heard that much noise...but then it doesnt bother me. So have I answered the might bother some but not others?

    Will this adversely affect the CG, do you think?

    Thanks in advane. If anyone has experience from their own portfolio I would be interested. Cheers
  2. long88

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    11th Jan, 2008
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    my house is like 5 minutes walk from station, and i heard nothing about train (when i am inside).

    also there is no train running on night as well.

    the only thing that i hear is neighbour subwoofer and hoon car.

    i think it is great to be near station since you can rent the place out easily ? and you always see people have to drive their car to the station parking, whilst you just have to walk. and that is a saving in petrol !! and probably don;t even need to own a car at all.
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    11th Feb, 2007
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    I think it would depend on the noise and parking facilities. Even if you can't hear any trains, if you are too closs people might perceive it's noise and not want to rent it/but it.
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    15th Oct, 2006
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    Can be bad for developing. I did DD on a property that I wanted to build a bunch of townhouses only 50 metres distant from the train. Council pre-lodgement talks advised I would need department of transport approval/sign off on my DA. That close to train station automatically invoked a concurrence agency approval from the department of transport. The department of transport have the power to say yes or no to the development. The property may have future plans for expanding the rail corridor with another train line or realignment of tracks and you house is in the way of possible future usage by the dept of transport.