Too Hard/Depressed.



From: Anonymous

Tell me. Does anyone here ever suffer severe self doubt. Even if you have done prop inv for a while you suddenly loose your confidence.
A couple of major problems, then a few minor problems, work hassles etc.
At that stage all you want to do is stay in bed all day and get rid of everything. Phone off the hook and don't anyone hassle me.

Sometimes it all just seems too hard.

Yet at other times you could jump over the moon.

Am I alone?
Any Psychiatrists out there?
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From: Asy .

Go read "who moved my cheese" by Dr Spencer Johnson.

I am not kidding, go read it NOW!!!!!

If this is your frame of mind you NEED this book. It is a simple read, about an hour, and worth every bit of the effort.

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From: The Wife

Yes, good book asy,

And anonymous...

keep hanging around here with us, and join one of the groups that are going, check the meeting point, this is a classic example of what the groups can do, they can help you get over your 'down' time.

Chin up, tomorrows a brand new day!

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Apprentice Millionaire

That's an excellent book if I have ever read one on change. Result: I quit my job, went full time with my little (and growing) business, and stepped out of my comfort zone. Well worth reading!

Apprentice Millionaire
(aka Jacques)
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From: Anonymous

Yeah. I know what you mean. A couple of trashings. Air con stuffs up. Plumbing problems. Cracking walls. Winging tennants. Land agent cant seem to do anything right (and charges a fortune) and the wife just doesnt have the vision. And to top it off the property value has only risen from 75k to 80k in seven years.(Adelaide southern burbs) I know that the statement "never ever sell" makes a lot of sense financially,and i WILL stick with it for the long haul, but nobody seems to talk about the down side of property investment.On the other side of the coin, I have another property that doubled in value in 5 years. Absolute murray river frontage. Supply and demand!!!! That makes the hassles more palatable. Its a big learning curve!!!!
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From: Tristan Newman

i don't know what your situation is but maybe resetting your goals, ask yourself why am i doing this ( i have been doing this for only 4 mths, and there have been frustrating times, but i now surround myself with people who are positive, and people who know far more than I )
come to the network meetings, also there is so much info on this site, that everyday you are learning something, take your time, when it is right you will know.

Just keep going there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

[to walk on water you need to know where the pebbles are]
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From: Nigel W


We all have patches like that.

Just keep it all in perspective mate. In 5-10-20 years time will it matter much that you had to have a few cracks patched or messes cleaned up?

and the fact that you're living in opulent luxury thanks to your past wisdom and investment efforts today, will make these problems seem a dim memory!!!

Keep an eye on the objective! Persistence is the key. Just convince yourself that you'll get there.

Cheers and good luck
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From: Michele B

It happens occasionally Anon. I regard it as a good sign - means you're stepping outside your comfort zone.

I had a huge anxiety attack a while ago after signing the contract on an IP when everything looked fine. But I couldn't eat or sleep, just felt sick for a week. Strange really because at that stage I'd successfully executed some far riskier manoeuvres.

The IP turned out fine and I haven't had another anxiety attack since. Maybe I just felt alone in the world of investment - friends and family thought me eccentric (still do actually). But the difference now I think is having contact with and support from like-minded people on this forum.

Like any organised religion it's easier to believe when others believe too. But what if we're all wrong though? More self doubt....

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From: Robert Forward

So Michele are you now saying that we should all have put our religion as "The Religious Order of Property Investors" in the census last week??

Damn, and everyone else was wanting us to but down Jedi (or something belonging to Star Wars).

Damn, Damn, Damn... They only just picked up my census form yesterday too so I can't change it.

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From: Sergey Golovin


Next one will be around in few yeas time; you can put all that information down then.
They would not care.
It might staff up the system and bureaucrats.
Imagine that frantic search all over the country for new religious order?

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